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RAD consulting services are focused primarily on helping clients with mid-market life and health insurance issues. Mid-market success depends upon:

Product – simple offering
Process – Rapid Assessment & Delivery (RAD)
Prospects - consumers in the middle-income marketplace needing life or health insurance
Production – efficient distribution channels

We provide both strategic and tactical assistance in all these areas.


Removing the New Business Acquisition Cost Burden!
Average Insurer
Life insurers Catch 22
With high new business acquisition costs, when sales are good you become drained of capital.
When sales are weak, the capital position improves, but you are not building your business.
Solutions that really work
Shift to more productive, lower cost distribution channels
Leveraged distribution fits the bill. By cross-selling to existing customers (e.g., P&C or bank CSRs selling to their P&C or bank customer base) or taking advantage of other types of relationships (e.g., worksite, association group, or sponsored marketing), prospecting costs are much reduced and first year compensation can be reduced. Also, agent productivity can be much higher in leveraged situations.
Rapid Assessment & Delivery (RAD) processes
RAD tools include e-apps and tele-apps and e-underwriting utilizing e-data sources (e.g., MIB, Motor Vehicle records, Rx history). The results of a recent study on automated underwriting by the Society of Actuaries show that companies that use e-apps with automated underwriting to complete underwriting and issue at point-of-sale for smaller policies are generally very satisfied with the results.
Related engagements
Straight-through sales/underwriting/issue process
Developed an e-process to guide agents through a scripted sale, a drill-down application, and automated underwriting including acceptance of payment and policy issue at point-of-sale.
Led an engagement providing support to the $65m eBusiness initiative of a major US life and health insurer, with specific focus in the areas of strategic planning, program management, team building, process design, and change management.
Sales automation
Designed and directed the pilot of a sales automation technology for a large life and health insurance provider.
Develop products tailored for new distribution channels
Term life, universal life, individual disability income, supplemental products for direct response, worksite, bank distribution and other channels. Our product development approach is to analyze market and distribution characteristics to determine the best level of underwriting, product features, pricing classifications (e.g., smoking/non-smoking, preferred, etc.), and competitive positioning.