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Maria Thomson, FSA, MAAA

Managing Principal, RAD Insurance Holdings, Inc.

Mid-Market Products & Strategy Actuary/Rapid Assessment & Delivery (RAD) Guru
Maria Thomson, author of Insurance Coverage for All!…And How Insurers Can Afford to Provide It, is a leading expert on reducing new business acquisition costs through RAD (Rapid Assessment & Delivery) and leveraged distribution channels, mid-market success strategies and products for the middle market. Previously, she ran reinsurance operations for The Phoenix and successfully negotiated a large capital deal for them. She founded and served as Managing Principal of the management consulting firm, Thomson Management Solutions for 12 years. Prior to that, she was VP & Chief Actuary of Monarch Life.

Maria Spearheaded the formation of the Society of Actuaries' Marketing and Distribution Section, is currently on the Section Council and has chaired the Project Oversight Group for a recent SOA study on Automated Underwriting.  She holds an MBA from the University of Texas, Austin.

Michael Keller
Senior Consultant, RAD Insurance Holdings, Inc.

Marketing, Sales & Products Innovator/Successful RAD Process & Product Implementer
Michael Keller recently retired as SVP and CMO of Farmers New World Life, where he was co-architect of their pioneering Rapid Issue Term product which featured RAD methods to induce multi-line agents to sell life insurance in great numbers (see Farmers Presentation). The success of this program led to additional RAD offerings.

Mike has expertise with product development, marketing and sales for a variety of life and annuity products, including variable products. Additionally, he has developed a variety of unique new sales systems for both the personal and small business markets and developed bank-marketing arrangements for non-qualified executive benefits programs.

Bob Schleyer LinkedIn Profile
Bob Schleyer

Managing Partner, Wexford Partners, Inc.

Home Office & Field Operations/Senior Executive "Rabbi"
Bob Schleyer assists clients with operational improvement, improving customer profitability, field management and M&A. Previously, Bob was President of United Insurance’s Home Service Division, Union National Life Insurance Company, United Casualty Insurance Company, and Union National Fire Insurance Company, and also served as Senior Vice President and board member of United Insurance Company of America.

Bob has been active in numerous insurance industry trade organizations, notably AFA (American Fraternal Alliance) and LIC (Life Insurers Council). He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.